Hi there. My name is Ainslie Walton, owner and operator at Hairchitexture. I have made hair my life for the past 9 years. I make it a priority to stay educated and up to date on the latest trends, and in turn, pass it on to you through beautiful hair. I am a proud user of Davines products. They are amazing, from color to hairspray, providing a product line for every need and want. Davines helps me build the strong foundation your hair needs to be beautiful. Let’s face it, the greatest things in life start or started with a strong foundation.

My foundation for Hairchitexture began with a love for my job. The want to offer people more than just a Bob. It gives me creative freedom in so many ways, but more than that it connects me to people on a unique level. We don’t just do hair in my chair!! We laugh, cry, gossip, educate, celebrate beginnings, mourn endings, and help give you the tools to feel and look your best. To me, it is not an appointment, it is an experience. I love my clients. They have taught me so much. Without hair, and choosing to run my own business, I would not be the person I am today. I owe this to my clients. They have taught me invaluable lessons. They have not always been easy lessons, but they have been powerful.

I hope you enjoy the site. Feel free to poke around, read the blog, and browse the gallery. Just make yourself at home. Leave comments, make suggestions, or just tell me a story. I have found over the past little while, that people are so very interesting if you allow them the comfort and opportunity to talk. Hope to be hearing from you soon!