Armed and Ready to Blow

DIY blowouts aren’t easy and take both practice and patience. Learning to manipulate a blow dryer and a round brush at the same time can be a bit overwhelming. Before you even pick up a round brush, make sure you start with good product and the best available tools. It will help to eliminate some of that frustration.  So here’s your amo! Read it carefully because this is a battle you’re gonna want to prep for!!


1. Always start with a good shampoo and conditioner. The Davines Essentials line has several wonderful shampoos including Volu Davines-Essential-Shampoos-and-Conditionersvolumizing for fine limp hair. Frizzy hair? Opt for the Love smoothing shampoo and conditioner.

*Don’t  towel dry your hair. This roughs up the cuticle and causes frizz. Instead, try using a t-shirt. Wrap head out of the shower and squeeze excess water from hair.




2. Davines Oi all in one milk, is an amazing product used for static control, detangling, faster drying time, and it’s super conditioning ingredients. Use 10-15 squirts on damp hair. Comb through.



volumizing mousse3. Fine limp hair? Try Davines More Inside Volumizing Mousse. Squirt a small hand full and apply at the roots by holding the hair up and rubbing lightly into the scalp. Make sure to focus on where you want the majority of your volume.

straightening balm

4. Course or frizzy hair? Try Davines More Inside straightening balm. Squeeze a small amount (from a dime to a quarter size, depending on hair length and thickness) into your hand and rub hands together as if applying lotion. Run hands through hair making sure to concentrate on stubborn frizzy sections and ends. This product works best applied from the mid shaft (part of the hair that is about 2.5 – 3 inches from the scalp) to the ends. You may use a conservative amount on any stubborn frizzies along the hairline. The key here, is to not weigh the hair down, so keeping it off the roots will help with volume.


5. Cricket hair clips are the bomb!! They will hold anything!! Since sectioning is a very important part of a good blow out, I highly recommend you pick some up!cricketcliips


round brush

6. A good round brush is a must. Try to get an Ceramic Ionic brush. It’s all about negative charge and heat.. The ions aim to close off the hair cuticles and lock in moisture to the hair strands.

Hair has a natural positive charge that repels hair strands from each other, thereby causing frizz or fly-away hair. When the negative ions of an ionic hair brush react with repelling hair, the ions force the strands to lay straight alongside each other. Using an ionic hair brush typically gives hair strands a shiny and healthy appearance. When the hair cuticle is flattened, hair typically is softer and has more volume.

Ceramic heats up quickly and maintains a constant temperature allowing your hair to dry faster and in turn exposes it to damaging heat for a shorter amount of time.

On top of that, my must have is that little gem at the end of the brush. I just call it my parting pick. It allows me to slice through the hair quickly and pick up an even section. I Love it! Won’t buy a round brush without it!


7. Of course you’re not going to get anywhere without one of these. Once again you’re going to want to look  for a blow dryer that says ceramic and ionic. For an idea of what to look for in a good dryer click HERE. The nozzle on the end of this particular dryer is a life saver, especially for do it yourself blowouts. It helps to direct the air exactly where you want it, so just point and blow!


oioil8. Oi Oil is your finishing touch! It adds extraordinary shine and softness to hair and its breathable silicons help to prevent frizz. After your blowout is complete, use 1-3 pumps depending on hair. Work into hands and apply from mid shaft to ends.


Now that you are armed with the proper tools, here’s a video of  a DIY blowout from a real pro and  owner of DryBar!